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 Lobbying/Government Relations

J. William Artist & Associates is one of the most prestigious government relations firms in the Rocky Mountain region. We have a proven track record throughout all levels and branches of government. We know the issues, the people, the background, the motives, and the process extremely well -- which means we can guide you successfully through your political issues.

JWA has strong capabilities within the Governor's Office, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the State's administrative agencies. We are well known for being effective negotiators -- which helps resolve many of our clients' issues without undertaking the risk and expense of going through the Legislature. By utilizing our political contacts within the business and legal communities in Colorado, we can help you build powerful coalitions to strengthen your position on a variety of issues.

J. William Artist & Associates is a results-oriented firm which takes great pride in its winning record. Our success is founded upon our philosophy of being open and honest with clients about expectations and strategies. Most importantly, we help clients distinguish between possibilities and probabilities. This philosophy leads to a high level of trust with our clients, and helps us focus on results.


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