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 A Few of Our Accomplishments

Secured permanent budget appropriation for Colorado Tourism funding – In 2011, we helped secure the passage of a bill which permanently set tourism funding at $15 million. Previously the funding had to be set every year, and in some instances a funding bill wasn’t passed—which had devastating consequences for the tourism industry and Colorado businesses.


Irish brews and 3.2 beers in restaurants – Artist & Associates ensured that Colorado restaurants are able to continue to serve “low alcohol beer,” which would not have been possible without the passage of SB-60 in 2011. This allows restaurants to serve many popular brands of “light” beer and Irish brews.

Bill signing.JPG

Lacee (right) with Gov. Hickenlooper and Colorado Restaurant Association Executive Director Pete Meersman (left), and Colorado legislators as Gov. Hickenlooper signs SB-60 into law at Old Chicago’s in Lakewood


Construction Retainage - During the 2011 legislative session, we helped to cut in half the amount public entities could withhold from contractors on public-works projects until completion of the project. This was a major victory for small companies throughout the state—and in many cases is the difference in being able to meet payroll or not. 


Prescription-drug monitoring – Artist & Associates was at the forefront in 2011 to renew the state’s prescription-drug monitoring program. This program helps to detect suspicious actors and sales of unlawful prescriptions which has helped prevent drug abuse.


Ran Successful Campaign for a New Mile High Stadium - Serving as the Chairman/Campaign Director, Mr. Artist led Citizens for a New Stadium (CFANS), the group organized to promote passage of the stadium referendum. With his efforts voters approved the stadium plan by a 57% - 43% margin. This ensured that the Denver Broncos' remained in Colorado and be financially competitive in the NFL for decades to come.


Major League Baseball in Colorado - Helped lead the effort to bring the Rockies to Colorado


Created the Colorado Trade and Tourism Authority - On behalf of the Tourism Association, JWA lead the effort to create a private entity to replace of the Colorado Tourism Board.


E-470Authority - Artist & Associates lead the effort to create a transportation district composed of cities and counties, to provide various funding mechanisms to build the public highway encircling the Denver area.


School Finance Act - The firm built a strong coalition among diverse interests to reach this important agreement which has been an important factor in continued updates, and re-writes of the School Finance Act.


Colorado Clean Indoor Act - Artist & Associates was crucial in making Colorado a smoke free State in Restaurants and Bars.  This creates a healthier Colorado.


Fourth of July - We were successful in ensuring that citizens of Colorado were able to enjoy their freedom in using legal fireworks to celebrate this important National holiday.


Healthcare - In order to protect the rights of business owners in Colorado JWA was on the forefront of defeating a union backed effort to mandate health care coverage.


Environment - JWA takes pride in helping preserve, protect, and enhance Colorado's wildlife, parks, rivers, trails, and open spaces by working with Greater Outdoors Colorado.


Small Business - We remain a leader being the guardian of protecting small business from oppressive mandates and fees.



Additional Accomplishments

  • Developed the Telecommunications Deregulation Bill
  • Helped Create Branch Banking for Colorado
  • Revised the Skier Safety Act
  • Established Bill of Rights to Protect Colorado Restaurants and Small Businesses
  • Built the Property-Tax Coalition
  • Helped Locate a High Security Prison in Sterling, Colorado
  • Helped to Create the Colorado Based International Trade Organization








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