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 Association Management

Organization Management Services (OMS) provides associations, trade groups, and professional societies with skilled management and development, working in concert with volunteer boards and members. 

OMS offers a proven track record of success and growth with not-for-profit organizations. We appreciate the dilemmas facing volunteer leaders, and creatively and capably meet their needs.  Our full service approach to organization management includes:

Membership Communication

● Meeting & Conference Planning

● Financial Analysis & Budgeting

● Data Base Maintenance

● Targeted Marketing

● Political Consultation

● Strategic Planning

At OMS, we handle the management of your organization.  We have mastered the efficient design and delivery of core services.  We know how to plan and staff a conference, compile financial statements and budgets, manage a grassroots political network, maintain data bases, produce publications,  position the organization for maximum influence with elected officials, respond to members, and assist your elected leaders in making the best use of their limited volunteer time.  In addition, we offer organizational assessment, support for membership development, public affairs and issue management, PAC management and lobbying.

OMS engages with you, meeting the unique goals and aims of your organization. We値l conduct a comprehensive assessment, working with you to prioritize your organizational needs.  Then, we値l design a management plan to meet those needs.  Our leadership team will work with your organization痴 elected officials to carefully assess and determine which OMS services are most important, how they should be offered and when.  With members of your leadership, we値l create a clear picture of expectations and deliverables, and we値l meet them.  We値l match our key employees with individuals in your organization to ensure quality and timely service delivery.  We expect, and will solicit, ongoing feedback from key officers and other volunteers on what is working and what needs to be improved.  We offer responsive, engaged service, performed by talented, experienced professionals.




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