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 Campaign Management

Bill Artist has been highly selective is agreeing to personally manage campaigns.  Mr. Artist managed the following campaigns: 

Respect Colorado’s Constitution

In 2006, Artist & Associates led the opposition campaign to Amendment 42, Colorado’s minimum wage increase, a proposal that initially was polling at 80% in favor.  Artist & Associates’ aggressive and creative campaign narrowed the final margin to 53% - 47%, the closest of any minimum wage increase in the nation in 2006.

Citizens For A New Stadium (CFANS)

In 1998, Artist & Associates directed the campaign which secured voter approval of public financing component for Invesco Field at Mile High. As Campaign Director, Mr. Artist managed a mass media, direct mail, and grassroots campaign that persuaded voters to approve the stadium plan by a 57% - 43% margin.

Coalition to Save Denver Jobs

Artist & Associates led the effort that successfully defeated a ballot initiative that would have increased the minimum wage in the City and County of Denver.

Citizens for Better Government.

Although it was clear that Coloradoans wanted and needed the right to vote on tax increases, the initial effort for a TABOR-like constitutional amendment was poorly conceived.  Much like Amendment 41, it would have had a variety of undesirable unintended consequences.   Artist & Associates lead the campaign that turned an initial 67% favorable response to the proposal into a 60% no vote. 

Artist & Associates has worked with Eric Morgan to provide the day-to-day management of our recent campaign efforts.  Eric has played key roles in the some of the most high profile ballot initiatives in Colorado over the last eight years:

Respect Colorado’s Constitution

Mr. Morgan served as day-to-day Campaign Manager for the opposition to Amendment 42, which nearly became the only successful effort to defeat a minimum wage increase in any state. 

Fastracks Yes!

In 2004, Mr. Morgan was a key member of the team which won the FasTracks Yes! Campaign, including managing the all-volunteer petition gathering effort which put the measure on the ballot. 

Coloradans for Responsible Reform

In 2000, Mr. Morgan served as Organizational Director for the campaign which achieved the overwhelming defeat of Amendment 24, Citizen Management of Growth.  

Quality Education Drive, Inc. (QED)

Mr. Morgan was the day-to-day campaign manager for QED in 1999.  Under his leadership, QED won the first school mill levy override election victory in Jefferson County for sixteen years. 

Citizens For A New Stadium (CFANS)

In 1998, Mr. Morgan served as Assistant Campaign Manager for CFANS, which won approval of the new stadium for the Denver Broncos.



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